Expertise, creativity and flexibility


We combine platforms with high power of analysis and processing to specialized service of our team and from raw data, we bring you relevant information to your business.

As well as the art of origami paper transforms sheets in objects full of meaning, in tune with expertise, creativity and flexibility, tailoring our solutions to the needs of our customers.

After 12 years of operations with focus on monitoring, we initiate new phase in 2014 when we receive contribution of investments, we expanded our portfolio and became BringTo. Today, with branch offices in Miami, Sao Paulo and a P&D unit in the Silicon Valley, CA, we deliver complete solutions, including consultancy and monitoring of our specialists, focusing on monitoring, automation, integration, security, quality control and data analysis.

BringTo is integrated into Resource Group Inc, positioned among the largest integrators of IT services in Latin America, founded in 1991, today with 3 thousand employees, 300 customers, 18 offices throughout Brazil and subsidiaries in the USA, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.