Info Automation

Automate data entry in your SAP
and reduce operating costs.

100% flexible
and efficient platform

operated by a team
of experts
according to your

Control the input
data in real time

and be alerted if
there is any instability.

Eliminate up
to 100% of the expenses
with manual processes
of entering data
in your SAP.

BringTo Automation
integrates with other
platforms and
systems besides SAP.

We automate processes running by 1, 100, 1000 or more people,
fully scalable, with reductions of up to 85%-proven in insertion data focused equips.
BringTo automation offers dashboards for real-time monitoring, including alerts to signal any instability.

In addition to reducing your expenses with personnel management and payroll,
we accelerate and we offer full control over the input of data into your SAP.
Any type of application can be automated, including systems
of diverse nature can be automated in an integrated manner to your SAP.