The most versatile option in analytics for those who needs flexibility, suitable for the size of your company.
Choose any system and platform, including SAP, mobile apps, wearables, e-commerce platforms in your database and we will configure our platform so that you get the answers you need.

We work with unstructured data: images, scanned documents, IVRs, posts on social networks, among others, which are analyzed and integrated into your dashboard.

The entire operation of the platform, including hardware infrastructure belongs to us. Don't worry about installations, setups, teams or any expenditure of energy and focus on relevant information to your business.
Native connectivity to data sources such as relational banks, hadoop distributions, NoSQL and etc.
Do not keep a high cost team,
use our MapReduce Development as a service.
Our team
develops and keeps the ETL processes your data to our platform.
Consume the results
directly into our dashboard or via API.
Powerful, data integration engine
enabling fast rendering of data entries.
from our range of algorithms or we develop custom templates according to your needs.
  • Big Data

    Our architecture does not impose restrictions in relation to the volume of data processed by our platform. Dedicated team enables us to process data from any source: social networks (analysis of feelings in posts, entries in the networks about your business or product) and unstructured data (radio, TV, images). All kinds of data are delivered in dashboards that presents all about your business.
  • Real-time processing

    All the collected data sources, including social networks and unstructured data, are processed in real time, enabling analyses from the total vision of your business.
  • Predictive Analytics

    We analyze behavior of your lookups and we can anticipate scenarios that are relevant to your business, for example, possible crises, instability, faults or positive results, as the fulfillment of goals.
  • Customizable Dashboards

    View all results, indexes and relevant information collected by our platform in infographics displayed by dashboards customized according to your needs.