The power of the vision of your business with the synergy between our monitoring and analytics services.
Know when systems, infrastructure and foreign channels need attention and avoid performance falls in production or service to your end user.

Include any systems and platforms, including SAP, mobile apps, wearables, e-commerce platforms in its database and configure our platform so that you get the answers you need.

Monitor your business and your competitors. The performance of your e-commerce, your apps, your online service, your search engines and purchases, are crucial to retaining your audience. Learn how efficient your consumer channels are against the competition.

We work with unstructured data: images, scanned documents, IVRs, posts on social networks, among others, which are analyzed and integrated into your dashboard.

The entire operation of the platform, including hardware infrastructure. Don't worry about installations, setups, teams or any expenditure of energy and focus on relevant information to your business.
It monitors any hardware:
computers, network equipment, links and etc.
It simulates and evaluates the experience of users
on any type of application like Web, Client/Server, IVR, mobile app, etc.
Non-intrusive agents,
measure without affecting your infrastructure.
flexible and 100% customizable.
"As a service" model
without any complicated licenses.
24 x 7 team
Output in popular formats:
HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF and RTF.
Think only about your strategy,
we assume the entire operation in technology.
  • APIs for Integration

    Bigdata and Analytics API, Monitoring API, API Tests. Our platform enables simple integration processes, for sending or gathering data. APIs allow data traffic in real time for any systems.
  • Global Network: Point of view from Anywhere

    Our performance tests are carried out from the actual experience of users based anywhere in the world, this ensures that there is no real perception of the quality of services provided by a global system in individual cases by region.